Get Help with Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4

Do you need help installing Google Analytics 4? Or perhaps you want to set up some GA4 events and parameters but aren’t sure how.

If so, you have come to the right place.


I have years of experience working on Google Analytics and have transitioned dozens of websites from Universal Analytics to GA4. From out-of-the-box, minimal setup to complicated event tracking, I can help you start collecting data ahead of the July 1, 2023 hard transition from UA to GA4.

If you’re looking for help with something that’s not Google Analytics 4-related, or would like to contact me about another topic, use the form on this page.

Set up an obligation-free consultation:

I need help with:

Here are some things I’ll need if we work together:

  • Google Analytics 4: “Editor” access
  • Google Universal Analytics: “Editor” access
  • Full list:
    • All websites and/or apps (please indicate any apps and websites that go together)
    • Any conversions you want to track on your website/app (e.g. sales, sign-ups) and where they are located (URL/content type, location on page/screen)
    • Your business KPIs
    • Any custom events and parameters you want to create
  • I may also need access to other platforms such as BigQuery, or your email service provider, depending on what you want to track

*If you don’t have Google Tag Manager, I’ll help you create an account and install it on your website(s)

Here’s a video I recorded for the AP as an introduction to Google Analytics 4 for journalists, though I think anyone who wants to get to know the platform will find this useful.

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